Acne Prone Skin Care Makeup

People with acne prone skin know that using make-up can be a dilemma. On one hand there is certainly anxiety wearing makeup will clog your pores and cause more acne. On the other hand, the desires to cover up and hide the acne that still look attractive in front of the people are also very large. It is therefore important to find the right acne prone skin make up.


Best full coverage foundation for acne prone skin

It is true that if you suffer from prone skin, you have to be careful with your make up product. Currently, there are many modern products to help hide physical imperfections. Those are such as acne, burns, and dark spots on the face.

Many make up products strewn on the market, but you must be clever to choose the best among them. Types of prone skin makeup products should be able to make a huge difference on your face. So it will be able to minimize the appearance of scars caused by acne, it will even prevent future acne.

The new arrival of makeup product is including mineral and relaxing effect. It is use by people with  pimple prone skin. Make-up is equipped with a type of anti-inflammatory substances. Some of it also contains no additives, such as dyes and perfumes.

Before buying acne prone skin makeup product, do not forget to read the labels carefully. Choose cosmetics that are natural and do not make the allergy. You can test by applying a little makeup to the point under the jaw to see how the skin reacts. If it was not bad on the skin should undo your intention to buy.

How to take care of acne prone skin

Make-up is an important part of a woman’s outlook on life. So, I’ll try to give some reference for you about the basic rules. There are you should follow in terms of using make-up to cover acne prone skin. Follow to the list below:

1. Start with a clean face
Clean your face with lukewarm water and natural soap. It is to remove dirt and oils that stick on the face, then dry gently with a soft towel or cloth and clean. Remember not to rub vigorously facial acne. It will cause injury and cause the pain on your prone skin.

2. Disguise with concealer
Apply it by rubbing gently on the acne area. Do not be too thick as it will look terrible when it dries. You can continue with little foundation to the face in need.

3. Refine by powder
After the above steps then you use talc powder on the nose, forehead and cheeks. You can use a large brush. To match the brightness in all the faces do not use many powder colors, just one color only. Brush it to entire face.

4. Highlight with lip-gloss
Reduce the focus on acne prone skin by using lip-gloss with bright and bold colors. It will divert greater attention to stricken lips. You should to know about using lip-gloss. Do not too much apply on lips; it will look oily and weird.

Another important thing to remember is to remove makeup before going to bed. Makeup that still attached will clog pores and it cause of acne. Wash your face to remove makeup as soon as possible.

Do not apply make-up when the pimple prone skin is inflamed. Treat your skin gently and always use the recommended makeup for acne prone skin problem.