Anxiety and Dizziness

The phrase ‘feeling dizzy’ generally expresses a feeling of slight wooziness or any feeling of being about to pass out or to faint.

Different people think of dizziness in different ways. Some people believe it refers to feeling light-headed while others say it is a feeling of unsteadiness and being a little off-balanced. All agree though that it is a horrible feeling.

The feeling may be compared to a spinning room or being on the water in a boat where the ground or floor seems to be in motion like how waves move.

If these symptoms are experienced, it is advised that as a safety measure, the individual see a doctor as they could be indicating that there is a balance or inner ear problem. However, a lot of persons are not aware that the dizzy feeling could be an indication as well as symptom of anxiety.

Several persons having anxiety problems have dizzy sensations very often and they are constantly worried about the next time it will happen – this result in anxiety and set the fear cycle in motion. Also, a part of the cycle involves the anxiety dizziness making the sufferer feel like he or she has no more control over self result in panic and consequently more anxiety.

Ways to Cope

Many individuals that suffer from anxiety dizziness report that sitting down as soon as possible certainly helps. Ensure though, that standing up again is to be done slowly because a quick stand up can result in a momentary drop in blood pressure and ultimately another dizzy feeling.

Another method is to stare at a particular spot that is straight in front of you and focus on it until spinning-room sensation has passed. Ensure that movements are slow afterward until the feeling is back to normal.

Another cause of dizzy feeling is hyperventilating. This is a major symptom of panic attacks and it is now clear how the link between dizziness and anxiety came about. Excess breathing during a stressful moment can result in the head feeling ‘light’ and also a feeling of being off-balanced.

Although this may sound a bit ridiculous, the symptoms can be eased immediately by inhaling and exhaling in a paper bag. This does a necessarily good job of increasing the carbon dioxide level in the blood which in turn aids in eliminating the symptoms. Do not hesitate to do try this method.