Green tea works for weight loss?

For thousands of years the people of Asian countries consuming green tea to prevent various diseases. Brazilians are beginning to learn more about this drink that is being widely used in weight loss diets. Many people wonder about their effectiveness, for they know not to drink this tea really does lose weight.

Several studies show that intake of green tea works satisfactorily in losing body fat. However, this result does not come from night to day. Green tea should be an ally in the weight loss process, combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

The catechins present in tea stimulates enzymes to neutralize the fat cells, so the body starts to work better in controlling the metabolism of fats. Green tea prevents diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

Green tea also prolongs the feeling of satiety, preventing the intake of foods out of order. Thus, drinking this tea loses weight because it helps to reduce hunger.

Because it is a thermogenic food, also active in increasing metabolism. Thus, there is a higher firing power, and optimum use of fat stored in the body. Know then that green tea works for weight loss.

Preparation of green tea

The ideal is to use the leaves of the plant, avoid powder, capsules or sachets because they preserve the essential nutrients of its composition. To prepare the tea you should not boil the water because excessive heat can counteract the effects of their nutritional properties. Place 500 ml of water in a bowl and cook for a few minutes.

Turn off the heat and add 10 tablespoons of leaves soup of green tea. Cover the bowl and allow to warm, then strain and store in a thermos. Nutrients remain active for up to 24 hours, so drink on average 3-4 cups of tea a day, without exaggeration.

Meet other beneficial effects of green tea

1 – Antioxidant action

Because it contains catechin antioxidant action, green tea contributes in the fight against free radicals, it is also antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Serious diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease can be prevented by daily intake of green tea. Its components also act to combat premature skin aging.

2 – Helps improve mood

The green tea is present in the L-theanine amino acid that increases the production of related substances well being, such as dopamine and serotonin. At the moment that these neurotransmitters are activated, increases the alpha waves in the brain, which provides relaxation. Green tea also has flavonoids that prevent stress and anxiety.

3 – Improves digestion

Sufferers of indigestion has seen improvements in intake of green tea, according to surveys. With the balanced intestinal flora reflects throughout the body is positive, even in the immune system.

4 – Protect cognition

Some studies show that green tea might help prevent neurological diseases that cause dementia, such as Alzheimer’s bad. The drink contains polyphenols with neuroprotective properties that would be beneficial in acting against some types of cognitive disorders.

Side effects of green tea

Green tea thin, but it should be consumed properly, when taken in excess can cause insomnia and even gastritis. Avoid drinking tea during meals.

Contraindications of green tea
• People suffering from hyperthyroidism;
• People with hypertension, with gastric irritation or glaucoma;
• Pregnant women and nursing mothers;
• Who makes use of prescription drugs should consult your doctor.