How Neem Soap Can Be Part of a Natural Acne Remedy

The leaves, bark and roots of the neem tree contain antibacterial properties that make it an effective natural acne remedy. Neem is a tree in the mahogany family and is native to India. It is not usually possible to obtain neem in its natural form but there are great deal of skin care products made with neem and in this article Ill take a look at neem soap in particular.

Having a good skin care routine is an essential part of your natural acne remedy and regular cleansing with soap is a good first step. Basic cleansing of the skin is often overlooked as people search for more radical acne treatments.

Some people who are prone to acne resort to the use of medicated cleansers but this is not always the best option as some of them can cause irritation due to the active ingredients within them. Neem is a naturally occuring substance and thus is much less likely to cause an adverse reaction.

Using soaps can strip the skin of its natural oils which in the case of acne can be a good thing as it is the build up of excess sebum which is a grease-like substance that causes the acne breakouts. However care should be taken not to use any soap product to excess as if the skin is derived of too much oil it will react with an increased oil production so only use soap on your skin once or twice a day.

When choosing which neem soap bar to choose for your natural acne remedy make sure that you find a mild soap. Also, look for a variety that contains moisturizing ingredients as well as soap can dry out the skin and cause further irritation.

Also be aware that a neem soap bar can actually be made by one of many neem products as its base ingredients. It can be based on neem oil, neem leaf extract or neem leaf powder. Ideally choose a soap that uses neem oil as its base. Try to avoid the very cheapest brands as you may find that a cheap (and thus harsh and abrasive) soap has been used as a base and a little neem product has been added to it. You get what you pay for and it is worth buying a reputable brand.

Is Neem Soap Really Effective as a Natural Acne Remedy?

Unfortunately, there have been no scientific studies conducted to determine the effectiveness of neem soap as a natural acne remedy and so the guidelines in this article are based on the testimonials of others who have used it and found that it helped clear up their acne.

However until a controlled clinical trial has been carried out, you are unlikely to be prescribed the use of neem soap by a regular doctor.