Natural Infertility Cures

More and more women are using progesterone creams to treat infertility problems and are able to increase their changes of getting pregnant with this infertility treatment.

Progesterone is a natural hormone that is released from the ovary right after ovulation. When you track your temperature every morning for that slight increase that signals ovulation, you are depending on progesterone to do its job, since it is the release of this hormone that causes that slight increase in temperature when ovulation has been successful. Due to this direct tie to cialis generique ovulation, it makes sense that many women use progesterone cream to increase their chances of successfully conceiving a child.

Signs of Low Progesterone

One common sign that a woman is low on progesterone is the lack of that slight increase in temperature that marks ovulation once a month. Many women struggling to conceive take the absence or inconsistency of this increase rise in temperature to mean they need to increase their progesterone levels in order to conceive. While this is the fact in some cases, it is not always the fact. This is why many women will successfully conceive when using progesterone creams, while others will continue to struggle to conceive even with consistent use of the cream.

What Makes the Difference?

The reason some women successfully conceive with the use of these creams while others do not comes down to the fact that the lack or inconsistency of temperature increase can come from a couple of problems:

1.   The body is lacking in progesterone, so enough of the hormone is not released with ovulation to raise the temperature.

2.   The eggs being released from the ovary are not healthy, so the ovulation is not successful. In this case, the progesterone is not release because a healthy fertilization has not occurred.

Progesterone creams can be effective in the first case, but these hormones will do nothing in the second case. If the problem is simply a low level of progesterone in the body, then it can be remedied in many cases by supplementing the progesterone with a high quality cream. In most cases, a pharmaceutical grade cream prescribed by a doctor is the best option for maximum fertility enhancement.

Even if the eggs being released are healthy and there is just a low level of progesterone, the creams may not be the only intervention needed. There can be other problems in the man or woman contributing to the problems conceiving.  In those cases, a doctor would have to determine all of the problems and recommend other treatments in addition to the progesterone cream.

If the problem is unhealthy eggs and unsuccessful ovulation, progesterone cream will do nothing to help a woman conceive.

How to Use Progesterone Cream for Fertility Enhancement

Anyone suspecting low progesterone levels should consult with a doctor to determine the possible causes for their struggles to conceive. Some may choose to start using over-the-counter progesterone viagra homme creams to see if it helps. Some may be successful, others will not be so lucky. When over-the-counter creams do not work, a doctor should be consulted to determine if hormone supplementation is even necessary.

It is important to recognize that there are many things that can cause infertility and in many cases the exact cause of the problem is never identified. Some women will struggle to conceive for years, only to suddenly conceive just as they give up trying. Fertility is a complicated mystery. We understand so much about it, yet there is so much we don’t yet know.