Options for Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment

If it is caught in time, prostate cancer can be treated and the survival rate for the patient is 90-100%. Although this type of cancer is slow moving more than others, if it is not diagnosed or treated for a long time, then it can move into the advanced stages of cancer. At this point, advanced prostate cancer treatment is needed to help eradicate the cancer in the body as much as possible. The prostate gland is the gland just below the bladder that supplies nutrients to the seminal fluid as it passes through the urethra. As men get older, their prostate gland enlarges, thus causing problems with urination. To test for abnormally large prostate, a rectal exam will be done. If the prostate is larger than normal, then the physician will take a biopsy of the prostate to see how high the PSA (protein specific antigen) levels in the prostate are. High levels may indicate the presence of prostate cancer, and further tests may be done to see if prostate cancer is indeed present.

If diagnosed and caught in time, prostate cancer can be treated by the removal of the prostate and further radiation treatment. The survival rate of patients whose cancer is at the initial stages is 90-100%. If, however, the cancer is at the advanced stages, then advanced prostate cancer treatment may be needed.

Advanced Treatment

Advanced prostate cancer treatment usually involves hormone therapy along with radiation treatment. X-rays of radiation is administered to the prostate area, as well as the other areas of the body it has metastasized to. This type of treatment is done for a period of seven to eight weeks. Along with killing the malignant cells already in the body, hormone therapy is also taken by the patient, to suppress the amount of PSA that the prostate emits. This lowers the chances of cancer continuing to grow within the body.

Another option of advanced prostate cancer treatment that is available is chemotherapy. If an advanced cancer patient does not react to the hormone treatment, then they will be given chemotherapy to prevent the cancer cells from growing and dividing.

This type of treatment has helped men live about 2.5 months longer than they would have, and some men have even lived several years following their advanced prostate cancer treatment. It is a good idea to find support while you are dealing with cancer. You should find someone to talk to about your concerns and treatment.